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We’ve Moved to Colorado! (Greater Denver Area)

We’ve Moved to Colorado! (Greater Denver Area)

nVision 42 has a new home in Castle Rock / Denver, Colorado – we are very excited to be here! We left the fantastic city of Minneapolis MN to pursue new and exciting opportunities, great new relationships and an active startup community.

nVision is here to help Startups and Non-Profits achieve great visual success at an affordable rate. We are here to design responsive websites and native applications to help modernize your online presence.

Not only does nVision work with startups and non-profits, but we also design and build websites and applications as SAAS solutions – we can’t wait to let you try them out soon!

Microsoft HoloLens

We are also excited to announce that we have a Microsoft HoloLens, we are eager to design and build an innovative augmented experience for your next cutting-edge idea. Feel free to reach out for a demo, we’d love for you to try it out! Learn More…

Let’s Connect!

It’s now time to start building new client relationships in the Denver area, we would like to connect with you over a cup of coffee or a tasty pint of beer to learn more about who you are and what you do. Setup a Time to Meet!

2017 will be an exciting year, let’s work together to design innovative, creative and powerful solutions to grow your business!

Introducing nVision42!

Introducing nVision42!

Welcome to 2014, time to introduce you to nVision42!

As we come into a new year I’m excited to announce the launch of nVision42, a new design agency focused on creative design and experiences for Windows 8, Windows Phone and Web based applications.

Starting a new company is always a time consuming and difficult process, determining what exactly you company will DO can sometimes be even more difficult. We debated being a “one-stop-shop” type of agency that offered design, content writing, SEO, marketing, development, social media and so on and so forth. Instead of trying to do all of those things, we decided we’d be more passionate, more focused and more creative if we offered a streamlined and focused set of creative services.

It was clear fairly early that the need to be artistic and creative was the core foundation of who we are and what we wanted to do, so that has become our focus:

Effective Experiences through Beautiful Design

Projects are often very large and have multiple moving components, for us to solely focus on the design aspect is not enough, we know that we are still required to have a complete and clear understanding of the entire project. To remain focused while still remaining effective, we decided that every service we provide in some way needs to support our end goal of creating a dynamic and powerful user interface and user experience design for the project at hand.

In addition to streamlining our services we are also streamlining the way we are structured. In an effort to keep overhead low, costs affordable and provide our clients with the exact skills required for your projects we maintain a small staff and work closely with proven contracted individuals as their services are required. This allows us to expand and contract as needed and allows us to pick the best team for the job. The core team will grow over-time but as we start off, this approach makes the most sense. This is how a lot of companies actually work, they just don’t mention it up front – our goal is to be as open and honest as possible.

Why Windows 8 and the Windows Phone Ecosystem?

We have talked to many people over the past few months and it’s not uncommon for them to ask us why we are choosing the Windows ecosystem as our primary focus. To us, the answer is simple:

Windows is the largest, most powerful, most connected ecosystem in the world.

There is no other company offering a platform that provides the flexibility or consistent experience across all devices. The Windows ecosystem powers desktops, laptops, tablets, phones, gaming consoles, television and numerous other devices – all of which share one unique, familiar and consistent design language and experience.

We’ll have much more to say about Windows 8, Windows Phone and other interesting information in upcoming articles.

What about the Web?

The web is a very powerful, flexible and necessary ecosystem within itself – and thus we will certainly still provide web design services. While there is always a need for “marketing” or “brochure” type of web sites, we are as a company focusing less time on those types of sites and pushing more toward web design for Software as a Service (SAAS) types of solutions. We always want to make sure our clients are reaching the right people on the right devices and the web is a big component of that – even as a way to supplement your Windows 8 and Windows Phone based applications.

Always Move Forward

The way we run business and use technology is changing rapidly, it’s time for everyone to re-think, re-examine and re-imagine what you do and how you do it and start opening your minds to new and exciting possibilities through software and connected devices. Join us in this new era and let’s see what we can do to make our lives better and our businesses more effective.

Thank you and we are excited to see where the future takes us!

:: Micah Iverson