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Latest Windows 10 News from Microsoft

Latest Windows 10 News from Microsoft

Yesterday was one of the most important days in the history of Microsoft as they finally revealed more details about the future of Windows – specifically Windows 10 and how it will work across Windows devices of all sizes and shapes.

This past decade Microsoft has taken a beating from the technology press, Apple, Google and smaller more nimble companies. Some of this negativity was certainly well deserved, but much of it was unnecessarily taken to the extreme to make Microsoft look bad no matter what.

However this past year, Microsoft has started to really come into it’s own and changed the company around into one that is clearly still very relevant in today’s world. We have seen the revolutionary Surface Pro 3, the launch of Microsoft Band, the major growth of Azure, Office365, Xbox One and other services that make up the 16, billion dollar solutions Microsoft provides.

Yesterday Microsoft took that success another step further by showcasing the flexibility, power, usability of the new Windows – Windows 10. In addition to Windows 10 Microsoft announced their latest big screen, touch friendly display called the Surface Hub and the never seen before, innovative, “virtual reality” device called the HoloLens.

There is no way I could write in depth about all that Microsoft announced yesterday, so I have decided to start compiling a list of related articles from other sites that I can reference in the future as we learn more about Microsoft’s future for Windows and Windows 10.

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