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Recently I ran across this article over on GIGAOM written by Mark Crump entitled “Could I do 80 percent of my work on an iPad?

It peaked my interest because this sounded like it was going to be a nice experiment about Tim Cook’s original comment that he is able to do 80% of his work on his iPad.

Mark starts off the article by saying he is a big proponent of using iPad for productivity and wanted to truly see if he could do his job on an iPad. He goes on to break down how he spends his day working, he even has pretty pie charts and everything.

Even while throwing out his “side job” of freelance writing because really all you need for that is a word processor he breaks his job down into other tasks around his real day of Meetings, Word (writing), Excel, and Visio. Things that are not particularly difficult to do even from a phone.

In the end he concluded that he could do nearly half of his work on an iPad, the remainder he needed something better than an iPad. So even though he has relatively basic job requirements – he still could only use his iPad for half of his job. Yikes!

About halfway though his article I actually burst out laughing when I realized he literally had to sit down and break out his entire work structure, evaluate his ability to do his job on a device that he strongly encourages people to use as a productivity tool which in the end he is only able to do 50% of his job with. Do you have any idea how crazy that is!

I have a Surface Pro 3, you know how much of my job I can do on it: 100 Percent.

I don’t even have to think about it, it literally just works for my entire job – I have no doubts at all. That my friends is called NO COMPROMISES.

IPad users have to ask themselves: “What CAN I do on my iPad?”
Surface Pro 3 users ask themselves: “What CAN’T I do on my Surface?”

The wording is only slightly different but the difference in meaning is huge!

My job isn’t based around simple word processing either, my job involves large Photoshop files, Illustrator documents, Visual Studio, Expression Blend, Outlook, Office – plus numerous other apps. No Compromise.

Back to Tim Cook’s original comment saying he “can do about 80% of his work on his iPad”, I say “80% isn’t good enough, I need 100%.” – with my Surface Pro 3 it’s finally possible.

Individuals and Businesses who are trying to decide between an iPad or a Surface Pro 3 – the answer is obvious – even Tim Cook, who goes to meetings and responds to emails all day can only do 80% of his job on his iPad. Why would you compromise 20% of your productivity to a device that clearly won’t meet your needs?

Choose Surface Pro 3 and be 100% productive, streamline and only use two devices – not four.