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Dear iOS Designers,
You are incredible, you are the best-in-class of designers I have ever seen. My jaw hits the floor every time I look at one of your photo-realistic icons, your attention to detail and your ambition to push the limits of your abilities. I page through Dribbble and see all these beautiful apps you design, some of which are simply concept designs while others end up becoming fully functional, downloadable apps from the App Store and then I realize I’ll never get to use most of these gorgeous apps.

Just look at some of these beautiful designs:

Jeremiah Shaw

Julien Renvoye


I would Love to use many of your apps, but I can’t because I am committed to the Windows ecosystem – I have been since before iOS even existed. You are committed to iOS and Apple, others are committed to Android and Google – and that’s awesome – use what works for you – but don’t forget what works for other people (remember there are lots and lots and lots of people on Windows).

Let me ask you this: Why do you design? You Design because you LOVE it!

Ignore the fact that you design for iOS simply because that is your ecosystem of choice and Microsoft is “Evil”, instead start thinking about designing for Windows 8 and Windows Phone as well – design for Windows because you love to design, because you love to experiment and because you love to try new and exciting thingsdo it because it’s FUN.

I know, I know, Microsoft has for decades put designers on the back-burner and never provided us with a platform to truly show-off our design skills, it’s a no brainer that they lost you to iOS and Apple. I was stupid, close-minded and ignorant to the rise of iOS on iPhone and iPad – I flat-out missed it. Don’t make the same mistakes I did.

Forget all of your past history with Microsoft, open your mind and expand your reach into a new and growing incredibly fast ecosystem – I am asking you, begging you, longing for you to come join me and start exploring the idea of designing for Windows 8 and Windows Phone. Even if your ideas never become actual, functioning apps in the Windows Store – at least you gave it some serious thought as to how your apps could actually look – you might be surprised how much you like it!

Windows for designers is changing and changing in a way that you should not continue to ignore.

Modern applications are a designers dream come true and here are just a few reasons why:

  • Beautiful, Elegant Typography
  • White Space is Encouraged
  • Clean, Clutter free Experiences
  • Chromeless Applications
  • Simple, Playful Animations
  • Fast and Fluid Experience
  • Grids – got to love Grids
  • Consistent experience across, desktop, laptop, tablet and phone

It’s time for all of us across all our ecosystems to put down our pitchforks and explore each other’s ecosystems and design because we love to design, design because we like to experiment, design to create new conversations.

Start designing for Windows 8, Windows Phone, Android, iOS and yes even Blackberry – I’d love to start seeing your Windows 8 and Windows Phone work show up on Dribbble and all the countless other sites for designers.

Add links to your work in the comments below and lets what you can create!

Micah – a fellow designer