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Windows 10 We Design Modern Applications

Microsoft's new modern app platform allows for applications to be fully immersive, touch friendly and dynamic experiences which can be used on a wide range of Windows 10 devices.

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Mobile Devices We Design for the mobile customer on the go

Designing for the responsive web allows our clients to have a unified and familiar experience as they move from their desktop to their phone.

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Web AppsWe Design for the browser too

Designing for the browser still has some nice advantages, especially when it comes to reaching the largest audience of users. Browser applications are also a nice compliment to your native Windows and Windows phone applications.

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How We Do It

Project Requirements and Design Strategy

Spending time up-front planning saves time down the road, we want to make sure we start off in the right direction.

Content Strategy and User Discovery

We use the content and user discovery phase to make sure we are designing for the right purpose.

Sketching, Prototyping and Brainstorming

There is no faster way to solve problems and discover great ideas than through sketching and brainstorming.

User Interface and User Experience Design

The real fun starts here as we get to start flushing out the final visual and experience design in high fidelity.

Forward Thinking

The world of design and technology changes quickly, come see what the future holds for Windows 10, Windows Phone and Web Applications. We will also share our thoughts on all things relating to design, technology, software, news and other interesting information.

Minneapolis based nVision42, specializes in User Interface design and Interactive Experiences for Windows 10, Windows Phone and Web based applications.
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